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Mezzo Migliaio

Pubblicato: 19 dicembre 2009 in This Blog

E siamo a 500!! Non aggiungo altro, se non… l’ultima immagine creata apposta per l’occasione!

Smack Down VS RAW 2010
per Nintendo DS

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Christian Rock

Pubblicato: 14 dicembre 2009 in Musica, Satira Religiosa

Colgo l’occasione per segnalarvi il video di un brano molto catchy suonato durante la trasmissione Chaser’s War on Everything, ma che speriamo giunga presto anche nelle nostre chiese con testo in italiano (sperando che non passi la riforma per la messa in latino).

Praise The Lord

Praise the Lord for all the cash I’ve got
Praise him for my Rolls Royce and my yacht
Serving God ain’t hard, with a credit card
Jesus died so I could make a lot…

Praise the Lord, he’s made us millionaires
Wave your donations in the air
We’ve replaced our hymns with ATMs
And soon we’ll charge a fee on every prayer…

Jesus Christ was a poor man, don’cha know
He should have used our accountants for his cash flow
Stuff the sermon on the mount, he should have had a bank account
2000 years with interest… He’d be rolling in the dough…

Praise the Lord, this song is out on CD
Just $40.95 plus GST
Hallelujah, plenty of moulah
Solid gold baubles on my Christmas tree…

I’ve got all of heaven’s riches!!!
Thanks to all you stupid bitches.
Praise the Lord for modern Christianity…
Whoever said religion should be free…